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With Currikula you can upgrade your essay and get access to actionable feedback that you can implement to improve your final essay mark. We provide feedback on over 25 different points, from quote usage to excessive wording.

How does Currikula feedback improve your essay writing?

When you've finished writing an essay, whether that is a month, a week, or 20 minutes before the deadline, the last thing you want to do is read over it again and start making edits. You're tired, you just want to leave it. With Currikula, we use algorithm's to perform checks on your essay much the same way a tutor or friend might. Pointing out common errors and issues that might lower your grade. Pick and choose what advice you want to follow, much like you would from a friend, and implement it, helping you achieve a higher grade.
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We offer over 25 individual pieces of feedback per paragraph

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Plus advanced analytics, giving you un-biased insight into how your essay comes across

Tone Analysis

Tone Analysis

When we write we often use strong, weak or neutral tones. The words we choose to use affect how the argument or information we are presenting comes across. You can see our break down of how that paragraph comes across. If you're writing an argumentative essay, then you may want to come across a little stronger, whereas an explanatory essay may have higher levels of weak language. Generally, across the board, you would expect neutral to be the dominant tone.

For And Against

For and Against Analysis

Praise and Condemn

Praise and Condemn Analysis

Here we look at whether you are arguing for or against or praising or condemning the topic. For and against allows you to see whether the language reads positively or negatively. Praise and condemn tells you whether you seem to support or not the topic. For example, you may be arguing against a line of thought, with a counter argument but ultimately that is the side that you are going to choose. Therefore, the paragraph is against, but praising.

Langauge Scores

Langauge Scores

We give you these scores to present a generic view of complexity, abstraction, analysis and comparative language used in your paragraph. These scores can be used with graphs at the top of the page to show you how the flow of the language in your essay is going. If there are outliers of too much and no flow then this can indicate a problem with your communication.


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